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CEO Kenji shares his thoughts on founding the company.


Drawing a new fragrance society

代表取締役の太田 賢司
Ten years ago, when I first stepped into the world of fragrances, a scene from a documentary I came across remained vivid in my memory. In the scene, a little boy joyously pulled out his late mother's favorite white sweater from his closet, and opened his mouth. "The scent of my mom is still on the sweater, so on lonely nights when I can't sleep, I smell this scent to cheer myself up." It made me deeply consider the power and possibilities of fragrance. Today, the world is changing at a breakneck speed. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual/ Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain... Every industry is experiencing a paradigm shift, overturning conventional wisdom. In this time of change, I can't help but feel that significant opportunities have arrived for the world of scent. We aim to illustrate a new aromatic society. By creating new scent lifestyles using technology, we aspire to realize a happier aromatic society. We wish to elevate the sphere of individual enjoyment of fragrance, corporate scent marketing support, and the world of healthcare and entertainment to a higher stage. Another vision we wish to realize in the future is laying the foundation for regional revitalization through the power of scent. By actively utilizing high-quality yet unrecognizable domestically produced essential oils, we'll endeavor to convey their appeal. The creation of a market through the recognition of good domestic aroma could also help revitalize the countryside. Japan has traditionally had a deep relationship with scent, and our predecessors handed down a superb scent culture. We strive to create a new aromatic society that is contemporary, while respecting the traditional fragrance culture and the sensibilities and experiences of specialists. Our goal is a society brimming with vitality for tomorrow, with optimal fragrance lifestyles. We aim for this vision along with our partner companies, crossing various industries, sectors, and global boundaries. We believe that ahead of us lies a perfume society filled with happiness, where the little boy, now grown up, welcomes us with a smile.

April 5, 2017 Founder / CEO, Kenji Ota

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