Aroma Space Design

Fragrance-based space design services.

About aroma space design

We create a custom-made fragrance that best suits your company's goals and create a one-of-a-kind aroma space. CODE Meee is characterized by its scent creation process based on professional sensibilities and smart data. In addition to the skills and knowledge of fragrance experts, the scent preference data that CODE Meee accumulates and analyzes on-time through its D2C business, as well as scientific correlation data based on brain waves and sensibility understanding technology, contributes to the fragrance creation process. It will be put to good use. The variety of scents is endless, from 100% natural scents to more dreamy fragrances.

Service description

Solution fragrance®

With the optimal scent based on data by building an environment tailored to your goals, such as improving productivity. We aim to maximize the conditions for those using the space.

Purpose example
  • I want to increase employee productivity
  • We want you to relax and use our facilities.
Spatial example

I want to stimulate discussion

  • Conference room
  • Salon
  • Coworking space etc.

I want you to relax

  • Waiting room
  • salon
  • Rest room etc.

Branding fragrance®

With scents created by experienced perfumers By expressing the mission and worldview of the brand We aim to make it ingrained in the memories of those who use the space.

Purpose example
  • I want to do branding that appeals to the five senses.
  • I want to share the mission with my employees.
Spatial example

I want to express my mission

  • Company reception etc.

I want to express my brand

  • Showroom
  • Commercial facility reception
  • Hotel entrance etc.

Implementing company

To various industries and companies Many implementation results

*The items listed here are part of the implementation results.

Introduction flow


For details, please contact us from here.


The purpose and usage scene for which the scent is introduced, We will ask you about your desired worldview.

Soukou (創香)

In addition to the skills and knowledge of fragrance experts, Our company will accumulate and analyze on-time Fragrance data is utilized in the fragrance creation process.


We offer several patterns of actual scent samples. We will propose an implementation plan and quotation according to your budget.


At the time of delivery, we will set up the diffuser equipment and We will explain the detailed operation method.

Ongoing support

Professional staff regularly performs maintenance and We will come to replenish your fragrance oil.

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