Original Goods

Fragrance product planning and manufacturing services.

About original goods

We provide one-stop service for planning, development, and manufacturing of original fragrance products to suit your company's goals and uses. We plan and manufacture various original products and novelties such as aroma sprays, perfumes, and room fragrances. We will respond flexibly to production lots while listening to your budget. We have a large track record of producing original goods for artists and promotional novelty goods for companies for branding purposes using scents that leave a lasting impression on people. In order to make your company's ideals a reality, we provide consistent support from planning, development, and manufacturing.

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About the e-commerce developed by CODE Meee.

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Aroma Space Design

Fragrance-based space design services.

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New initiatives with other industries.

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Research and development of fragrance x technology.

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Archive Videos

TV appearances and event keynote videos.

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