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Members of CODE Meee Inc.

  • Kenji Ota

    Kenji Ota

    Founder / CEO

    Fragrance innovator. After graduating from Hokkaido University Graduate School of Science, he worked for 10 years developing fragrances at one of Japan's largest fragrance companies. He is an evaluator, a specialized research position involved in fragrance marketing and sensory evaluation. He has extensive experience in developing fragrances. His mission is to "draw a new fragrance society" with the power of fragrance and technology. Founded CODE Meee Inc. in 2017. By adding the essence of aroma to society, we aim to create new lifestyles and revitalize regions. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Science.

  • Naohiro Terakawa

    Naohiro Terakawa


    IT engineer. At HAL Nagoya Web Development Faculty Open Source System Development Major study computer science, After graduating, he joined NHN JAPAN Corp. (currently LY Corporation). He works on various products as a tech lead in the User Interface Technology room. In addition to programming skills, he is also good at developing hardware devices. In 2017, he joined CODE Meee as CTO.

  • Ryoko Takei

    Ryoko Takei

    Advisory Board

    After graduating from the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo, worked in brand strategy and advertising agencies such as Dentsu Inc. and Ogilvy & Mather. Experienced in interactive strategies, etc. After working in sports & marketing and corporate planning at FIFA Marketing and a major venture company, he He earned an MBA from Columbia University. After returning to Japan, he worked at McKinsey and then worked in marketing and business development at Walt Disney Japan. He is currently an associate professor at GLOBIS Graduate School of Management. In addition to his work, he is also active as a Nikikai member vocalist.


Partner companies supporting CODE Meee

  • YAMAHA Accelerator



    With the keyword "Make everyday life more interesting ~ Innovation that stimulates the sensibilities ~" An accelerator program that turns your daily life into an exciting and enriching time. Possessing strong brand power worldwide, Yamaha's "Resources and Networks" provide a wide range of products and services, including musical instruments, audio equipment, network equipment, electronic devices, golf equipment, music and English class businesses, entertainment businesses, and resort businesses. And by combining the support power of 01Booster, a leading corporate accelerator, We aim to make every day more enjoyable and full of creativity for people around the world.

  • IBM BlueHub

    IBM BlueHub


    A program that supports the creation of new businesses through technology and open innovation. By providing technology to business creators and forming an ecosystem surrounding it, Aiming to create innovative businesses originating from Japan.



    Sponsored by Dentsu Inc., we provide multifaceted support for the growth of startup companies with a focus on creative aspects. acceleration program. A wide range of content including creative, branding, UI/UX, PR, marketing, etc. A team of top-notch professional mentors from Japan and abroad in fields that contribute to the growth of startup companies will participate. Create an ecosystem surrounding entrepreneurs.



    Yokohama Based on the concept of “departure, first”, we will make Yokohama more comfortable and easier to spend time in than now. This program aims to create a "highly sensitive" and "likeable" town by creating a lively town that is convenient and enjoyable for all visitors. By combining the know-how, functions, and services of venture companies with the resources of both Sotetsu and Takashimaya Group, We aim for innovation that contributes to Yokohama's new "urban development" rich in creativity and innovation.

  • Plug and Play Japan


    A global venture capital/accelerator originating from Silicon Valley that supports startups with innovative technologies and ideas together with major companies. Support companies to promote innovation and promote technological advancement.



    We select startup entrepreneurs who are expected to grow into venture companies that represent Japan in the future. By providing the five infrastructures that GLOBIS has cultivated (people, money, technology, networks, and collaboration with large companies), We support the growth of products, business models, and teams, and help raise the funds necessary to grow as a unicorn. We aim to become a platform that produces 100 unicorn companies.


Everyone who supported CODE Meee

  • Makuake


    CODE Meee started as a project through crowdfunding Makuake. Without Makuake's supporters, our products would not have been released into the world.

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