About Fragrances

The power and effects of fragrances.

Fragrance characteristics

It is the scent of a new era created by art and science. Solution Fragrance® maximizes “condition” with scent, We design scents using two approaches: Branding Fragrance®, which uses scents to create an unforgettable feeling. From 100% natural blended aromas (essential oils) to more fantastical fragrances, We will propose a one-of-a-kind fragrance in accordance with the customer's worldview and requests.

Maximize your “condition” with scent

Solution fragrance®

We utilize the expected functionality of scents based on brain waves and sensory science as solutions to issues such as individual stress issues and corporate workplace spaces.

Solution fragrance ® Case study

In response to each person's attributes such as age and gender, as well as insights into their personality that they are currently unaware of, we have created a unique formulation that is expected to reduce stress, improve concentration, and sleep well, in addition to scent preferences. This service delivers a bottle of aroma mist to your home on a regular basis. We recommend three types of scents based on scent diagnosis on the web and deliver the selected one. If you link with Twitter as an additional option, AI will analyze your posted data and recommend even more optimized scents.
Solution fragrance

Designing “unforgettable” with scent

Branding fragrance®

Based on the sensibilities of fragrance specialists, we utilize the power of scent to appeal to people's memories to brand the identity of companies and artists.

Branding fragrance ® Case study

~Oto x Kaori DISCOVER TRUE SOUND 2019~
CODE Meee produced the fragrance for Yamaha Audio's limited-time pop-up event. The theme of this event is "Beginning and Determination," and five stories realistically depicting the feelings of people who are making a fresh start for spring, the beginning of a new season, as well as music and scents to match each story. The content is fun to collaborate with.
Branding fragrance

Fragrance specialist

Many of the scents we experience on a daily basis are created by combining over 2,000 types of fragrance materials. Fragrance companies have long led the fragrance industry with their fragrance expertise and development skills. At CODE Meee, our representative Kenji Ota, who has been involved in scent development for 10 years at one of the world's top fragrance companies and one of Japan's largest fragrance companies, We create unique scents together with experienced perfumers, evaluators, and marketers active around the world.


After 10 years of involvement in fragrance development as a researcher at one of the world's top fragrance companies, He founded CODE Meee. Currently involved in fragrance creation himself, he produces many fragrance branding projects. He also collaborates with music artists, His activities have expanded to include live performances that incorporate ''fragrance'' productions and ''fragrance'' productions at movie screening previews. He has appeared on numerous media such as TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines.

Kenji Ota

Fragrance innovator

IBM BlueHub


In addition to sensitivity and specialized knowledge, which are important in the field of fragrance, we value the fragrance creation process based on data from a scientific perspective. In collaboration with IBM Japan, we utilize AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, and big data analysis to create scents using correlation data related to scents that we accumulate and analyze in real time.


We are collaborating with Dentsu Science Jam on scent research and development based on sensory understanding technology using brain waves. This is a completely new solution fragrance that uses scent to maximize conditions such as comfort, stress reduction, creativity, concentration, relaxation, and communication activation. We have also begun clinical research in collaboration with medical facilities.