Legal Notice

About our legal notice based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.

Seller name

CODE Meee Inc. (Japanese name: 株式会社コードミー)


Kenji Ota

Seller's postal code


Vendor phone number


Seller email address

payment method

Bank transfer, account transfer

Product delivery period (aroma space design service)

Regarding initial provision: We will provide aroma equipment and aroma oil within one month after the contract with the customer is completed. However, please note that this period may change depending on the specific contract details. About second and subsequent offers (regular offers): Aroma equipment can be used continuously as a rental even after the first offer. Regarding aroma oils, we will deliver new ones every two months from the first date of supply. Please note that the timing of provision may vary depending on the contract details.

Necessary charges other than products

In the case of bank transfer, the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

Regarding product changes, returns, and order cancellations

Regarding the aroma space design service contract, we do not accept cancellations, product changes, or returns after the order is completed due to customer convenience. When placing an order, please carefully check the details of the product or service before placing your order.

Regarding cancellation of aroma space design service

Aroma space design services are basically an annual contract. If you wish to cancel, please contact us by phone or email at least one month before the contract expires.

Establishment date: October 12, 2023 CODE Meee Inc. Founder / CEO, Kenji Ota