We started pre-registration for our new service, "CODE Meee ONE," which selects the optimal fragrance from about 3,000 patterns using AI and SNS linkage

We started pre-registration for our new service, "CODE Meee ONE," which selects the optimal fragrance from about 3,000 patterns using AI and SNS linkage

We started pre-registration for our new service, "CODE Meee ONE," which selects the optimal fragrance from about 3,000 patterns using AI and SNS linkage.

Photo of CODE Meee ONE product

What is CODE Meee ONE?

It is a subscription-based service that regularly delivers one bottle of custom-blended aroma mist to your home, tailored to your age, gender, place of residence, and even your personality insights that you may not be aware of yourself. The AI analyzes the optimal aroma prescription based on your fragrance diagnosis on the web and your SNS post data, recommending three types of fragrances and delivering the one you choose.


  1. Personalization of fragrances with over 3,000 patterns using SNS linkage and AI
  2. Convenient and easy-to-use product design that is portable and can be used anytime, anywhere
  3. Natural fragrances made from 100% carefully selected Japanese essential oils
  4. A subtle scent that instantly disappears within a 50cm radius


Subscription commerce at 1,800 yen per month


8ml (assumed to be one month's supply)

How to Use

Spray it on your space, handkerchief, pillow, or bedding to calm your mind. It is also recommended to spray it on the collar or sleeves of your clothes. Spray it on the outside of your mask and let it dry before wearing it to be free from the surrounding air that bothers you.

Usage Scenes

Photos of CODE Meee ONE

It is a personalized aroma that accompanies you throughout the day in various scenes.

  • Before an important presentation at work, spray it on your collar to calm your mind.
  • Before going to bed at home, spray it on your pillow or bedding to relax your mind.

Background of Service Launch

Nowadays, personalization services that provide individually tailored products and services are attracting attention in various industries as a way to achieve a richer lifestyle. Among them, the field of healthcare, which supports a healthy life, is highly anticipated, and CODE Meee has been working on aroma personalization services, which hold great potential in this area.

Recently, academic research results on fragrances and stress reduction have begun to be reported, and in November 2018, the first-ever exhibition "Fragrance Design Tokyo" was held, aiming to improve office workers' work efficiency through fragrance-based environmental improvements. The aroma market is gaining attention from the perspective of healthcare.

We have received feedback from our male customers in their 30s, such as, "Feeling the fragrance of my original prescription aroma has become a comfortable daily habit," and "I smoke less now. CODE Meee has become an essential item for healthy refreshment."

Based on about a year of verification tests by our company, we received feedback that a simpler fragrance diagnosis process and a more personalized optimal aroma in a convenient form were desired. This led to the launch of this new service.

The biggest feature is that in addition to a new fragrance diagnosis, the AI grasps the user's current personality from their SNS post data and recommends a blended aroma that takes into account functionality, such as stress reduction, in addition to fragrance preference.

In today's society, where many people suffer from stress and excessive dependence on alcohol, tobacco, and sleeping pills is a concerning issue, we expect CODE Meee ONE to become a healthy refreshment option.

Future Developments

The new service, "CODE Meee ONE," will start pre-registration on February 15. We will release a new fragrance diagnosis system in mid-March and plan to start sales in early April.

After that, CODE Meee will strengthen collaboration with companies and focus on improving the working environment, deploying a business that uses self-blended aromas based on data to create specific spaces for various purposes.

Recently, there is a growing focus on health management in corporate workplaces from the perspectives of improving employee satisfaction and increasing work productivity.

CODE Meee has been working on verification tests for health management using aromas in collaboration with multiple companies since last year. Going forward, we plan to expand our business to support corporate health management by improving the workplace environment, utilizing the data we accumulate and analyze from our general-user services to create custom-blended aromas.