The Scent of Kannai Devil

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About Kannai Devil

Kannai Devil

The story is set in a coffee shop called "Kannai Devil" in Kannai, Yokohama. The coffee shop is run by Master Ooba Hideji (portrayed by Director Kikuya) and DISH//. A regular customer, Kamura Mami, joins them, and they engage in various talks.

Master (Ooba Hideji)

Master of Kannai Devil. He wears a red hat with horns and a bow tie. His hat has the character "De" written on it, and he sports a distinctive goatee.

Kamu-chan (Kamura Mami)

A regular customer of the shop, often referred to as "Hama-chan," then "Kamu-chan," and now simply "Kamu." She is often found behind the counter, helping out as a part-timer.


DISH// is a Japanese dance-rock band consisting of Kitamura Takumi (Vo/G), Yabe Shoki (Cho/G), Tachibana Shuhei (Fling Dish/RAP/DJ/Key), and Izumi Daichi (Dr). They are managed by Stardust Promotion.

Photo of the Kannai Devil cast and Ota

The Scent of Kannai Devil

A Floral-Citrus scent symbolizing the world of "Intimacy, Beauty, and Pleasure" created collaboratively by Master, Kamu-chan, DISH//, and viewers.

Image Words Derived from Twitter Post Analysis


A homely, relaxing atmosphere like a parent-child relationship.


Gorgeous, extremely cute, roses.


Funny, surprising, enjoyable, energetic, and Master's beard.

Subtle Scent with 100% Natural Rare Domestic Essential Oils

We have embodied the world of "Intimacy, Beauty, and Pleasure" with a natural Floral-Citrus scent. The gentle and refreshing scent of natural aromas extracted from plants, flowers, and fruits is pleasant for people of all ages and leaves a good impression on those around you. It is recommended for those who are resistant to strong synthetic fragrances.

Ingredients of the Kannai Devil Scent

Based on Rose Otto, Kochi Yuzu, Saitama Kurohoji, Roman Chamomile, and Tosa Konatsu, we create a scent that captures the essence of "Intimacy, Beauty, and Pleasure."

  • Rose Otto
  • Kochi Yuzu
  • Saitama Kurohoji
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Tosa Konatsu