Minato x Island Mask Spray

/Original Fragrance

Fragrance Branding for Minato City, Tokyo

In collaboration with Minato City, we created a "Branding Fragrance" themed around Minato City and the island region.

This project, a collaboration between the public, private, and academic sectors, aims to enhance the visibility and vitality of the Takeshiba area and the island region by leveraging the power of scent, which appeals to people's memories and emotions. We worked with Tobita Women's Junior College, Shiba Commercial High School, the Island Promotion Corporation, and other organizations with ties to Minato City.

Minato City Image

To create the fragrance, we conducted a web survey and collected image words for Minato City and the island region on SNS using the hashtags #FragrantMinatoCity and #IslandFragrance (conducted in December 2021). Based on the collected image words, we created multiple fragrance prototypes using our patented technology (a technology that creates fragrances based on collected text information), and the well-received "Aqua Citrus Scent" was born. We collaborated with Tobita Women's Junior College and Shiba Commercial High School to promote the project, including the collection of image words, and with the Island Promotion Corporation for the fragrance creation process.

As the first application of the fragrance, we produced the "Minato x Island Mask Spray" in March 2022 (limited quantity) and sold it at the Takeshiba Minato Festa. Looking ahead, we envision expanding its use to other products and space designs. We will continue to bring color to Minato City and the island region through the power of "Branding Fragrance" co-created with everyone.

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