Premium Aroma Spray for Face Masks

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Premium Aroma Spray for Face Masks Now on Sale - Based on "Sensory Understanding Technology using Brain Waves," with Proven Improvement of Over 10% in "Comfort" and "Stress Reduction"

CODE Meee, a company that provides optimal fragrances for individuals and businesses, has launched the "Premium Aroma Spray for Face Masks" in April 2020, utilizing the insights of "Solution Fragrance" based on "Sensory Understanding Technology using Brain Waves." By leveraging the power of 100% natural fragrances, which have proven to improve "comfort" and "stress reduction" by more than 10% in preliminary demonstrations, we aim to support a comfortable mask life.

A New Habit with Premium Aroma for Seasons When "Condition" Matters and Masks are Indispensable

It's the season when a comfortable scent is needed as the weather changes. Why not wrap your mask, which you use almost every day, in a premium, 100% natural aroma to maximize your "condition" with scent? The Premium Aroma Spray for Face Masks is an aroma spray that fills your mask with a premium aroma scent with just a few sprays.

This aroma spray features a subtle fragrance made with high-quality domestic essential oils and is 100% natural (free of synthetic fragrances, colorants, and preservatives).

Antibacterial, Deodorizing, and Pollen Protection

It is recommended for those who wear masks all day for work, regardless of the season. Do you ever feel uncomfortable or bothered by the smell of your mask after wearing it for a long time? For those who only use masks during their commute or school commute, do you ever feel that the mask smells a bit when you get home and put on the same mask you wore in the morning? For these mask-related concerns, try the Premium Aroma Spray! It will refresh and sanitize your mask with a pleasant aroma whenever you need it.

The premium, 100% natural fragrance can also be used for wiping surfaces, doorknobs, and as an etiquette spray in the toilet.

Point 1. Compact Size for Easy Portability

Product image showing the compact size for easy portability

The 8ml compact size is convenient for carrying around, allowing you to spray it anytime, anywhere, with ease. There are various usage scenarios, such as when the mask's smell becomes noticeable, when you want to relax your nerves, when you need to heal your fatigue, or when you feel sweaty.

Point 2. Subtle Scent with 100% Natural Rare Domestic Essential Oils

Photo of herbs

The gentle and refreshing scent of natural aromas extracted from plants, flowers, and fruits is pleasant for people of all ages and leaves a good impression on those around you. It is recommended for those who are resistant to strong synthetic fragrances.

Point 3. Scent Based on Sensory Understanding Technology using Brain Waves

Photo of Sensory Analyzer and iPad

We have created a premium aroma suitable for mask use based on Sensory Understanding Technology using Brain Waves. By studying the correlation between scents and brain waves, we have identified fragrances that show positive and significant differences in "comfort level" and "stress reduction," incorporating the latest insights and science.

Precautions for Use{.mb-0}

  1. If you are sensitive to alcohol or have sensitive skin, do not use this product.
  2. Do not spray on the mask while wearing it.
  3. Do not spray directly on bare skin.
  4. If you are concerned about stains on the mask, test on an inconspicuous area before use.
  5. Do not use if you have any skin abnormalities.
  6. If you feel unwell during use, discontinue use immediately.
  7. Be careful not to get it in your eyes. If it gets in your eyes, do not rub, and rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water, then consult a physician.
  8. Not for drinking.
  9. Do not use for any purpose other than intended.
  10. Do not use near open flames.
  11. Ensure adequate ventilation when using.
  12. Be careful not to inhale the spray.
  13. If it gets on building materials or furniture, wipe it off immediately.
  14. When carrying, be careful of the cap's tightness.

Storage Precautions{.mb-0}

  1. When not in use, always close the cap tightly and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  2. Keep out of the reach of children.
  3. Do not transfer to other containers.
  4. Do not store near open flames.


  • Natural Essential Oils, Natural Fermented Ethanol (Plant-based)


  • 8ml (approximately 300 sprays)