Tokyu Land Corporation

/Aroma Space Design

Improving Workplace Productivity

The purpose is to visualize work style reforms by introducing functional aromas into conference rooms and break spaces according to their intended use.

In August 2019, the new headquarters moved to Shibuya Solasta. In line with the keywords "Communication" and "Productivity Improvement," we introduced functional aromas based on CODE Meee's unique data into specific spaces, such as diverse conference rooms and relaxation spaces, to emphasize the desired atmosphere.

Introducing Functional Aromas into Diverse Conference Rooms for Different Purposes

Aromas are utilized in conference rooms according to the purpose of each meeting to improve productivity. This initiative leverages functional aromas with strengthened scientific evidence based on vital data accumulated through research on the correlation between scents and brain waves.

PurposeTarget AreaScent
Communicating/ListeningConference room for information sharingA refreshing citrus scent with a metropolitan and friendly atmosphere
CreatingConference room for brainstorming and free exchange of ideasA herbal scent with a refreshing coolness that promotes a relaxed and creative mode
DecidingConference room for decision-making discussionsA warm woody scent that gently resonates with those making important decisions