/Space Design

In collaboration with Yokohama City, we created an aroma space design at the startup growth support base "YOXO BOX" with the concept of 'Scents that Trigger Innovation.'

In collaboration with Yokohama City, we designed the aroma space at "YOXO BOX," a startup growth support base, with the concept of 'Scents that Trigger Innovation,' expecting the promotion of innovation and idea creation and the activation of communication. The scent introduced this time was blended based on keywords related to "elements necessary for innovation" and "attractions of Yokohama" collected from participants through an event planned by Mitsubishi Jisho, Inc., the representative of the joint venture that operates the facility.

In the new normal era, there is a growing interest in "fragrances." Please look forward to "Solution Fragrances" that design the conditions of working people. At 'YOXO BOX,' where people gather, their aspirations will overlap, and a significant movement will start from Yokohama... Together with the challengers of the next generation, we will prove that 'Scents that Trigger Innovation' will accelerate this movement.