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With the cooperation of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., a comprehensive entertainment company, we produced limited-edition fragrances as merchandise items for related artists in December 2019 and conducted a PoC for fragrance sales at live venues.

In recent years, the live entertainment market, centered on music concerts, has been thriving. CODE Meee has been quick to recognize the appeal of "fragrance," which directly affects memory and emotions, and has worked with singer-songwriters and classical artists to create fragrances based on artists and songs for live space design and merchandise sales. Attendees who experienced the fragrances at previous live events shared delightful comments, such as "It's wonderful to have the scent of my favorite person or song," and "Now I can always remember the excitement of the live performance." These messages were conveyed through direct messages to the company and individual SNS posts. Additionally, the fragrances have been successfully introduced as new merchandise items at music concerts, steadily increasing sales.

The PoC at the live venue in December 2019, with the cooperation of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., featured limited-edition fragrances created by CODE Meee based on related artists. These fragrances were added as new fan merchandise items and sold at a larger scale than ever before.

Going forward, CODE Meee will expand its activities in the live entertainment industry, centered on music concerts, by creating experiential content and new merchandise items that further explore the possibilities of fragrances. What CODE Meee aims to achieve in the "Entertainment x Fragrance" domain is not just selling products but transmitting "emotional experiences" through "fragrances that permanently preserve memories and emotions."

We will continue to create special fragrances associated with artists and songs, leveraging our unique fragrance development capabilities, and provide "unforgettable" emotional experiences to fans attending live events.