Fujikura Innovation Hub "BRIDGE"

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Accelerating Open Innovation with Fragrances: CODE Meee Starts a Proof-of-Concept Experiment at the Fujikura Innovation Hub "BRIDGE"

To promote the establishment of new businesses and open innovation, it is important to collaborate with people with different values, rather than relying solely on one's own knowledge or technology. This hypothesis assumes that empathy and interest in others' ideas will lead to active communication and discussions, accelerating business establishment. Based on this hypothesis, we will conduct a proof-of-concept experiment focusing on the possibilities of fragrances. CODE Meee conducted a test marketing for company fragrance branding last year, and we received feedback such as, "Sharing the same fragrance story increases a sense of camaraderie," "Leads to good communication," and "Helps me relax and work."

Photo of the BRIDGE office space

The aroma used in this experiment is an original aroma created by CODE Meee based on our unique data and insights, using citrus and forest Japanese essential oils as a base. It is expected to have a significant effect on promoting free thinking and business collaboration, as it is blended based on the observation results of brainwave measurements and fragrance preferences, which show an increase in interest and attention.